CThru Cleaning Services: A Window Cleaning Service

Streak-Free Window Cleaning and more

Schedule a window cleaning service and let the light shine in!

Over time, windows get grimy and dirty. Cleaning windows regularly allows light into your home or business. C Thru Cleaning Services is a locally owned & operated company that has been taking care of windows in and around the Denver Metro area for over a decade. We provide top quality window cleaning, fireplace glass cleaning, power-washing and gutter cleaning.

Our window cleaners provide residential, commercial and retail window cleaning. We take pride in offering services in which you can immediately see the difference! When you combine our services with Kathy Clean’s Standard Cleaning Service™ for your home or business you will get a top to bottom cleaning that you’ll love.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and quality work with our professional window cleaning. All window cleaning technicians are courteous and highly responsible. Helping customers with any cleaning situation requires the best tools, knowledge, and experience to get the work done for you. For over 10 years, we have provided outstanding window cleaning solutions and much more. Whatever your window washing needs, we will ensure you are satisfied.

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